Guangdong realism oil painting to stage a comeback written or drive innovation

In just finished 11th national arts exhibition guangdong selected works of the poll, representational realism oil painting in a plumb, a group of young oil painting artists stand out, then formed a dramatic scenery line. Some people think: this is a guangdong representational realism oil painting after the “cultural revolution” to rise again.
But it is well known that representational realism oil painting in the west after 300 years of brilliant, finally in the late 19th century early 20th century down the mainstream art shrines, entered the museum “rest”, become a kind of art form, on the edge of the consistent with the time rhythm, form the new artistic custom oil painting thoughts after the emerge of steady wave.
In this kind of diversified artistic environment, guangdong which dial the painter still holding representational realism, the west abandoned things as treasure is strange, in the way of painting to explore, this is backward or forward? Our artists are in written or monarch diameter innovation? Recently, the reporter about the controversial topic and one of the leading figures of the figurative realism oil painting, oil painting department of guangzhou academy of fine arts professor Guo Runwen conducted a discussion.
Guo Runwen
The oil painting department of guangzhou academy of fine arts professor, deputy director of the guangdong artists association, vice chairman of China academy of art art creation court distinguished researcher, at the Chinese academy of oil painting art committee, member of Chinese artists association.
Journalist 1: from the point of the inclusion of the national art works, guangdong’s realism oil painting really do well, then someone cheap oil painting shouted: “guangdong representational realism oil painting to rise again.” As a realistic oil painting is one of the leading figures, do you agree with this statement?
Guo Runwen: I think this idea is very interesting! Historically, the representational realism oil painting in guangdong during the “cultural revolution” was in the center of the Chinese oil painting, is the focus of the country. At that time, guangdong appeared a batch of outstanding painter, such as Shang Xiaoming, Chen Yanning, they had created “never truce”, “female members” (Shang Xiaoming), “chairman MAO visited guangdong rural”, “new doctor for fishery port” (Chen Yanning), and other outstanding works caused a strong reaction in the whole country. After the “cultural revolution”, guangdong is still outstanding, on the basis of oil painting in the realistic representative artists have Huang Zhongyang, SiTuMian, TuZhiWei, etc. , guangdong’s realistic oil painting in a relatively pet portrait painting stagnant state, either because of a number of important artists to go abroad, or affected by the economic tide, to put down the brush the sea, they can transfer to the decoration and design industry. This state lasted oil painting for nearly a decade.
As foreign blood injection, guangdong’s realism oil painting became active again. This batch of foreign artists (Fan Bo Deng Jianjin Guo Runwen, Lin Yongkang, etc.) clung to the ground, guangdong has been obsessed with the representational realism oil painting of exploration, research, devotion to his art, is not the oil painting art trend, economic temptation around. At the same time, this group of people’s congress (NPC) in colleges and universities, cultivate a group of young students. This batch of artists and their cultivating students after years of efforts, in their own language, appearance, has obtained the good result, has a good performance in all kinds of national art, especially in the end of the election of the 11th national oil painting arts exhibition, their performance is more outstanding


Modern oil painting is last year global financial crisis after outbreak flushing of best art category

The major auction houses custom oil painting have racked their brain in the plates, picture is no good sell anything before, at the same time, the buyers’ market have accounted for a dominant. Only the top quality and reasonable price is to attract the buyers. And end on June 25, the China guangzhou international auction co., LTD., the summer 09 section of the sculpture art “of Chinese oil painting will undoubtedly well-meaning. Relief, however, is the final result is satisfactory. This auction 115 lots sell-through rate of 60.87%, a total of 27.2765 million yuan, the result is slightly higher than the winter shoot the same special oil painting reproductions performance achieved 26.7266 million yuan last year.
“MAO’s portrait to guangzhou she reassured
In this exclusive auction, JinShangYi guangzhou formally launched one of the 1966 “MAO’s portrait” (valued at 18 million yuan to 26 million yuan) in high-profile auction site, northern guangdong local buyers and buyers are racing to sign final Beijing financial institutions with 20.16 million yuan will be the painting. To place the 09 national spring clinch a deal after 40.432 million yuan wholesale portrait painting in the oil sector of Chen “pacing” clinch a deal after the second of the high oil paintings. Because this is the no. 48 items, so the results, she began to be less than half the time for the guangzhou special “Chinese oil painting sculpture, printmaking” auction, is definitely a certainty.
In addition, this auction is another bright spot is that guangzhou Gardner was also to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the pet portrait painting founding of the special planning of hunan painting project. The project after “MAO’s portrait” no. 49 items until the items of lot 91, a total of 52 pieces. 36 lots clinch a deal finally, sell-through rate of 69%. Guangzhou Gardner art director wang’s, according to their special analysis about the buying of oil painting buyers, “hunan painting” found that 60% of buyers are from private banking clients in guangzhou, and these customers are almost for the first time to buy art. Investigate its reason, he told the reporters, this with oil painting pat had to be held in guangzhou icbc private banking preview and organization of guangzhou CCB private banking clients to watch the preview has certain relations. But the price of these works especially reasonable is oil painting also an important reason to attract new buyers

Sotheby early art auction master paintings night bought total of $60 million

Young artists Pieter Brueghel, name: winter Flemish village oil painting slaughtered innocent (local), oil paintings, 122 x170 centimeters. Valuation: 2500000-3500000 pounds. Sale of 4633250 pounds
In London sales activities, sotheby’s sale early master of art collection of oil paintings and Barbara Johnson masterpiece of Renaissance and baroque period, total sales reached £36022625 / $57917177/41645761 euros, compared with the predicted value of 9222500-42470000 pounds, actual sales is a pleasant surprise. Early custom oil painting art master sales is £26134050 / $42018326 / euro 26134050, predicting products generate is £24010000-34760000. As Barbara Johnson’s collection for £9888575 / $15898851 / euro 15898851, higher than valuation £5212500-7710000. Barbara Johnson is art connoisseur, humanitarian and philanthropist, and Johnson and his wife jointly established pharmaceutical company. Barbara Johnson’s auction isn’t over, portrait painting there are some works auction tomorrow, tomorrow will be to Barbara Johnson’s sales date. (estimated £461370-688270)
Alexander Bell, vice chairman of the early art master of painting, at the end of the auction said “the auction tonight show that early art master of painting is a big potential market, we would be glad to have other moving works, such as pet portrait painting, sculpture, baba radmanovic to collect works of art.”
The highest price of early art master of painting is:
Young Pieter Brueghel, killing innocent – ideas of this famous work is his father want to come out, in this evening at the scene of the original oil painting’s auction. This work has four people, become the best-selling oil painting works tonight, the last price £4633250 / $7449339 / euro 4633250, higher than expected $250-3.5 million.
Francisco Jose DE Goya Lucientes important oil painting equestrian portrait, y Don Manuel Godoy – library of the duke, sold for £2617250 / $4208015/3025803 euros, less than $250-3.5 million. This is Spanish artist at auction to obtain the highest price.
Barbara Johnson collection of Renaissance and oil painting baroque period of classic

To explore oil painting to enter Chinese traditional thinking of contemporary restatement in one hundred

Although Chinese oil painting originated in the west, but 100 years have been constantly local modification to fit for the needs of the nation, but also has a tremendous influence on Chinese society. “Enlightenment as being: the traditional thinking of contemporary oil painting exhibition” restatement of the purpose is to explore the oil painting in China after 100 years, how to return to the theory of positioning.
Oil painting in China has been faced with problems, how to find your own voice. Tradition and western discourse can apply directly,custom oil painting because of old and new, although able to illustrate some local problems, but not relatively comprehensive grasp of today’s life experience and cultural status. We face is not a new problem, but did not solve the problem of old since 100.
On the study of art history in the same situation, we now basically take over the western theories of the new words, and methodology, in order to follow the western “new method” to cover the self-criticism system does not exist, especially the art history research since 1985, in the research method of the conventionality of western art, despite the history of China’s own rules, cut, far-fetched to western art law of development as a summary, measuring scale in the development of Chinese art.
Is imperative that we can’t rely on western criticism of the system, and it is necessary to establish the evaluation system of self. Many western scholars nearly hundred years of Chinese painting can’t evaluation, so there are few overseas pet portrait painting discussion of Chinese oil painting works. Its reasons: one is that Chinese oil painting but is deduced in the west, there is no self culture characteristic, so only as a western cultural colonization of the impact on the world to discuss. Second, the Chinese oil painting and the western colonial culture both can not meet in theory, can’t really apply western ready-made theory in this paper, the way to discuss Chinese oil painting. Eventually had to wedding portrait painting scholars in the chronicle and the two aspects of arts administration study.
Basic think Chinese western study of Chinese oil painting and no new original creation in addition to western ideas. Some western critics feel lack of own research system of art history in contemporary China, the traditional concept of system and can’t explain theoretically his contemporary cultural phenomenon. Since the 19th century, especially after the second world war, European and American scholars feel oil painting established academic system of Chinese traditional art research and achieved fruitful results. Chinese contemporary oil painting art, the fruits of globalisation has been a western postmodern period so in Europe and the United States, in the world art history textbooks published only have the ancient Chinese art, because of the impact of western oil painting ideas of contemporary avant-garde art is the result of cultural globalization strategy

Taiwan art field held “magnet,travelled-oil painting exhibition” across the Taiwan straits

Trip, Taiwan may draw will Guo Dongrong founder, pioneering the paintings of the “new vision” in Madrid Guo Ren, Taiwan normal university academy of fine arts professor Wang Qiongli LaoZhongQing painter will each select custom oil painting three to five paintings, with China art research institute China oil painting academy dean Yang Feiyun 27 painter joint exhibition, etc.
In April of last year, at the invitation of the ever-flowing art museum, China art research institute China oil painting institute had to oil painting reproductions Taiwan held by teachers and students; The return visit to Beijing, the two sides will be held in Chinese oil painting academy JiaoLiuZhan, academic discussion, go to hebei tangshan qing dongling, sketch, visiting cultural institutions and other activities, in-depth exchanges.
More than 2 in the afternoon, oil-painter gallery ever-flowing party in Taipei, Taiwan to communicate this trip to Beijing.
8 cross-strait painter painting after the opening in the morning, afternoon will be called “the context of contemporary on-canvas” wedding portrait painting discussion, especially looking forward to. Guo Ren already eighty years old, said cross-strait painter in each other’s ideas, have agreed with each other, how don’t agree with, to speak face to face, “we want to open their own good things out and bright appearance, see groups of collision will inspire how to spark”.
On the mainland to observe the arts editor Lv Pin oil painting field as discussion of issues, organizers, is China art institutions a confusion between teachers and students, “in the modern art market hype in the air, what is assuring the painting skills, ‘” ma bu” or horse stance or reveal unique style as soon as possible “.
Artist Li Xiji thought from the golden gate, the mainland YouHuaJie in recent years show that the explosive force, in the process of advocating “to the oil painting world”, quickly accept all kinds of thoughts, ideas such as modernism; Ai weiwei and several famous artists are many opportunity to directly to western to participate in important exhibition. Club members on the discussion, he said, be prepared to discuss when can learn each other.
Nearly two years at songzhuang communication, creation of Taipei professional oil painting painter WeiQiYi accept China news agency reporter interview, on both sides of the oil painting, China has more connotation of history, politics, Taiwan painter is ourselves, and what can be.
The forties WeiQiYi often stay in Beijing a 20 to 30 days, began to borrow friend’s studio on mainland creation. Painter, he thought, shows the tendency of secretly fit with cross-strait economic development situation, the mainland economic take-off, in the same way, the artist works in a very avant-garde also have very traditional, and Taiwanese artists appear more step by step. However, he said: “each have their own advantages, can be good communication.”
It is reported, on both sides of the oil painting art exhibition for two weeks

Sotheby’s early British paintings auction,Darwin family oil painting portrait into focus

Derby of Joseph Wright, Jane Darwin (1746-1835) and her son William brown Darwin (1774-1774) and valuation: 150000-200000 pounds
In the anniversary, when to Charles Robert Darwin (1809-1882) interested in work than ever before, sotheby’s announced that on Thursday, July 9, 2009 in the sale of early British paintings, the company will sell 3 of Darwin’s rare custom oil painting portraits of family members. The three picture depicts the Darwin’s grandfather, consultants and doctors Erasmus Darwin (1731-1731); His great uncle, William, Darwin (1726-1726), and William’s wife, Jane Darwin (1746-1835) and their son, William, brown, Darwin (1774-1774). The three paintings were done by Joseph Wright of Derby, it is also one of the artist’s important day, the three works have never shown before the auction. In the late 18th century, which has been oil painting reproductions entrusted by William Emmanuel, Darwin put these works in William’s family has been passed down from generation pet portrait painting to generation, the valuation in the 290000-410000 pounds.
Erasmus Darwin’s portrait (1731-1802) is expected in 100000-150000 pounds, he is one of the most famous in our daily life consultants and doctors, the painting creation in 1770. Erasmus is the main medical practice on Darwin, at the same time he also left a lot of place to the patients. He more focus on the physical illness and oil painting psychological problems, the public health problems associated with genetic, including improved nutrition structure and ventilation problems. He is also an inventor and botanists. He had two posts in portrait, is as a consultant and a doctor, the other is a long-term lenders to Darwin’s college, Cambridge.
Jane Darwin (1746-1835) and her son William oil painting brown the portrait of Darwin (1841 1774) valuation of 150000-200000 pounds, and William, Mr Wei, Darwin’s portrait (1726-1726), is estimated at 40000-60000 pounds

Chinese oil painting collectors stepped in recent years around fair

Growing European classical masterpieces are oil painting cater to the taste. Are preparing to spend 5 million yuan level will be part of the museum’s “water work” zhang zhen yu is one of the pockets of collectors, after he had been through Classic. Jen gallery bought all the other work the weaving girl.
“Before I owned many domestic master’s work, when I custom oil painting see it all works, the first thing I thought of the Chinese painter Ren Bonian, their painting skin texture is very similar. After all, these affect the western masters Chinese artists exploration in this area.” Zhang zhen yu said.
Classic. Jen gallery Zhou Li said: “run the European classical painting and contemporary art market is totally different, gallery pet portrait painting in advocating a salon style of elegant leisure exhibition experience, and join in the collectors appreciate expert consulting, hope that through such activities and communication improve the level of domestic oil painting reproductions collectors of Classic art as a hidden.”
“For Chinese collectors, I suggest that they want to see oil painting as much as possible first work of art. To buy according to his be fond of. Of course, consulting the expert’s opinion is also very important.” Susan Bodo suggested.
High art, however, tariffs will be the European classical oil painting market in a big obstacle in the development of China. 33% tariff art means Chinese oil painting collectors if bought a picture of a western painting master and abroad back, will mean that have to pay thirty percent of the price of art itself.
“In view of the tariff, collectors can buy works of art for the entry saved.” Zhou Li said
oil painting

Evergreen tree of European classical painting keep doubling 7 years average speed of growth

Contemporary art market is facing reshuffle oil painting reproductions recently, sotheby’s in New York before 19th century European paintings department director Susan Bodo, private art dealers association (PADA) Lisa founder Schiller came to China to sell the European classical painting.
Although Chinese contemporary art market after crazy in depressed, but that does not obstruct the international art looking for agent in China.
Susan Bodo, sotheby’s in New York before 19th century European paintings department head; Lisa Schiller, (PADA) founder of the American private art dealers association. They come to China not to Chinese contemporary custom oil painting art, but selling European classical oil painting.
“The European classical painting not miraculous growth as contemporary art, but we found that China is in within the scope of the collection of market in the future.” A few days ago, Susan Bodo told CBN in Shanghai.
The savage growth
For international art broker business classical oil painting, this might be a good opportunity: contemporary art market is facing reshuffle, and always with the evergreen tree of European classical painting remains able to price doubled in seven years the average speed of growth.
“In the 1980 s, americans collectors buy European art, but also created the European art market in the United States. Japan also is such, when Japanese artists surge in the market, the European art market also went to Japan, so custom oil painting we are familiar with the Japanese in the hype of van gogh.” Susan Bodo said.
According to the historical experience, Susan Bodo judgment, European classical oil painting market is gradually established in China. “The European classical oil painting collection value is to be able to reflect the stability, has the largest collection in the world community, it is hard to fall, look at the performance of the antiques in the market for Chinese oil painting art, they also have very many collections crowd.” She said

Western classical oil painting can be Chinese collectors another option

Barbizon school, school in the Netherlands, Belgium painting, van dijk, koro… These are all famous name on western art history, in the past few years, they gradually came to China in various forms, but seldom can stay in oil painting China for long. Under the background of the contemporary art market plummeted, western classical oil painting is becoming a safe alternative to Chinese collectors?
A few days ago, “Classic classical painting salon” Jane held in the garden hotel in Shanghai for the first time, enjoy the European classical oil painting oil painting exhibit in the 19th century. Former sotheby’s 19 th-century paintings department custom portrait director Susan bordo (SusanBodo), the founder of the American association of private art dealers PADA Lisa Schiller (Lisa Schiller) to be invited to participate. They rely on for a one hundred – year – old knowledge of the auction industry and is now engaged in the art of agent, the role of the auctioning industry for a variety of interpretations.
Draw the principal of a “gambling”
“Margin system led to the auction house’s gambling behavior, in the period of economic recession, will bring great loss to the auction oil painting company.”
In order to attract the auctioneer and works, the western auction house promises before trading was also used the form of cash deposits, that is to say, whether work at auction, the auction house will be paid in advance for the guaranteed price to the principal. “The wool is on sheep’s body,” the margin system directly involved in the market evaluation system, increase the sale price. According to sotheby’s statistics, the deposit amount, $2005 in 130 million, went up to $900 million by 2007, up 680%. Susan is the director of former sotheby’s 19 th-century paintings wave revealed more, sotheby’s margin oil painting losses in recent months has already reached $53 million, so decided to stop provide deposit to the seller. In February 2009, sotheby’s deal situation is worse and worse, turnover fell by 75%; Company shares also fell 77%.
“Auction margin system led to the auction house’s gambling behavior, and auction houses out of trouble. In good time, it is the auction house between competitive strategy and the tactics of the market, it will attract more client take good collection to auction. But in the period of economic recession, will bring great loss to the auction company.” Susan wave

Identify genuine and fake pearl jewelry exclusive 4 Tips for Great

▲ intuitive method: direct observation with the naked eye pearl color, shape, size and luster. If this is the pearl, its color, shape and size of the inconsistencies (strung pearl necklace or bracelet really pearl jewelrymade for a selected, so the size is uniform), and artificial pearls and vice versa. Real pearl will show uneven rainbow, fake pearl single tone. 6UD39 Knowledge Network – Living Tips | Life Tips | 39 Health Net

▲ feel method: by hand with shell jewelrycool light touch sense of real pearls; more importantly, to seize with both hands the pearl, so that mutual friction, there is a sense of sand (coarse sense) is the real pearls, there is obviously a sense of the man-made smooth beads. 6UD39 Knowledge Network – Living Tips | Life Tips | 39 Health Net

▲ magnifying glass observation: Swarovski crystal jewelry5 times or 10 times with a magnifying glass observed in the real pearls (including natural and cultured pearl beads) of the surface to see its growth pattern, like sand dunes by the wind over the general; man-made shell beads can only see -like coating. 6UD39 Knowledge  jade jewelryNetwork – Living Tips | Life Tips | 39 Health Net

▲ Knife Method: Using a knife or scissors scraping the surface moving in the true pearl, will drop some powder; in artificial scratch coating on the beads move, will be blowing glass, a layer of film exposed the true face of pearl jewelry; if not scratch coating agate jewelryon the glass beads move, while only a smooth sense of it.

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